Re-Inspection Jacksonville FL

Do you want the house to be re-inspected before you close the deal with the seller? We have got you covered. At Hildreth, we have the right knowledge, experience and training to conduct thorough home inspections of the property. Repairs that were overlooked by the seller do not go unnoticed by our inspectors. We take a close look at every damage or defect that was highlighted in the original report, and check if it was rectified.

When is a Re-Inspection Needed?

You have your heart set on a house and you book a home inspection. You hand over the home inspection report to the seller and request him to make necessary repair for issues identified. The seller informs you that the repairs were made, and you close the deal with him. You move the new house only to see that some repairs were either overlooked by the seller or were not done to best standards by the contractor. You end up incurring expenses on the repairs.

In order to avoid unnecessary costs and inconvenience, it’s best to get a re-inspection in Jacksonville, FL, done before closing the purchase with the seller. It is the best way to ensure that all repairs were successfully completed and that there will be no surprises later on.

Re-Inspection Expert Jacksonville FL

Our inspectors will refer to the original report to check if all issues are fixed, and everything is working fine. Please note that in a re-inspection in Jacksonville, FL, only the items that were requested to be repaired are examined. It does not cover any new system or components that were not included in the original inspection.

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