Roof Inspection Jacksonville FL

Whether you are buying or selling your house, going for repairs, or need to submit information for insurance purposes, you will need to get a roof inspection in Jacksonville, FL, done. Knowing that the roof is secure and structurally sound is important for you to have peace of mind and make informed decisions.

At Hildreth, we have roofing experts who examine the roof closely to determine the wear & tear to the roof, and the repairs that are needed. State of the art equipment, combined with our experience has given us an edge over our competitors in performing roof inspections in Jacksonville, FL.

Importance of Roof Inspection

The roof of any building is always exposed to natural elements and extreme weather conditions. Even if you choose the best and most durable material for the roof, it may, over time, show signs of aging. In order to avoid bearing heavy costs for repairing the roof at a later stage, it’s best to get the roof inspected to assess the damage caused, and go for minor repairs. Also, regular roof inspections will help you maximise your claims from insurance companies.

Roof Inspection Expert Jacksonville FL

During the roof inspection in Jacksonville, FL, our roofing expert will closely examine the roof for any leaks or cracks, look at chimney and other vents, shingles and other roofing components. The inspector will perform a full analysis of the roof structure. Based on the findings, repairs are suggested. If the roof has recently suffered a wind damage or any other kind of damage, the inspector will check if the building is safe for occupancy.

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